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Link: Optimizing software in C++

September 24, 2011 Comments off

A set of articles related to software optimization:
Particularly relevant is the article on C++ optimization:

These links were recently highlighted in Microsoft’s MSDN enews.  Interestingly enough, for obvious reasons, the C++ optimization article is pretty clear in recommending that you avoid .NET and Java for anything requiring performance.

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Six phases of a big project

September 5, 2011 Comments off

This one has been around for generations, it still makes me smile.  A good Project Manager is definitely needed to keep expectations realistic and to keep the project moving productively.

The six phases of a big project:

1. Enthusiasm,
2. Disillusionment,
3. Panic and hysteria,
4. Search for the guilty,
5. Punishment of the innocent, and
6. Praise and honor for the nonparticipants.


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