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A Crash Course in Modern Hardware

January 21, 2010 Comments off

A facinating overview of pipelining and multi-core caching issues.  “A Crash Course in Modern Hardware” by Dr. Cliff Click.

You really have no idea what the CPU is going to do with your code until you’ve run it.



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Google’s C++ Style Guide

January 7, 2010 Comments off

When using a computer language, I find it interesting that it is as important to know what language features to use as it is to know what language features not to use.

Looking through Google’s C++ style guide a while back it struck me that programmers eventually arrive at a similar set of features to avoid in a language; however, it takes trial and error to figure out to avoid.

In C++, exceptions and particularly templates look inviting, until you have tripped a few times over the problems that they introduce.


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